Tuesday, August 2, 2011




…and Drem. :)


Drem is my horse, and Splash is her pasture buddy. My sister Hannah does a ton of riding and training work with Splash, while I do the same on Drem. These horses are about as polar opposite as you can get: Splash is hyper and quite a people-pleaser, but when she’s miffed she often holds a little bit of a grudge. Drem, on the other hand, is very mellow (isn’t that a pleasant replacement for lazy?) and independent and strong-willed. Both of them have really difficult (read: impossible) streaks in completely different areas, but they’re great learning experiences, and we love them. :)

Drem got a break from her usual ride while I took pictures of Hannah on Splash. I think she felt a little left out, but I doubt she missed the exercise!


Splash is always energetic, but today even more than usual!


“When you’re riding a horse—it’s like you’re as free as a bird.” (From Summer of the Monkeys, which I haven’t actually seen—I’ve only seen the previews on some of our old Disney tapes—so I don’t know who says it. Do you?)


Splash is a bit of a ham; she loves the camera. She could hardly quit staring at it! But in equine photography, that’s always a plus—unless you’re going for a specific look, a horse will look 100% better if it has its ears forward.



I love that mountain.

I think this one’s my favorite:horses10


  1. Incredible pictures! I didn't know you had horses!!!! AWESOME! Your horses are beautiful! Splash is a kind of horse I would probably enjoy riding! :) A horse that likes to run is my twin ;) But Drem is very beautiful too! Slow and lazy are fun to ride too :) Any horse is fun to ride is what I would say! Wow! the view is beautiful! That mountain is so amazing!
    Awesome pics! :) Love them!

  2. Incredible pictures, Hallie Jo! :) Seriously, your pictures look really professional. The last picture is defintely my favorite! ;)

  3. Great pictures! I'm soooooooo jealous that you and your sister have horses!! And where you live too - it's soooo beautiful!!! :)

  4. The pictures are very cool!



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