Friday, February 25, 2011


… To Nick and Traci on their engagement!! They’re getting married this spring!

This was my first-ever engagement photo shoot, so thank you Nick and Traci for giving me valuable experience! I had a blast with them. They were naturals at posing and made the day both fun and productive for me. :)

E-shoot 022

Look like a vaguely familiar location? It’s the same one I scoped out a couple of weeks ago. These are the portraits I promised. :)

E-shoot 032E-shoot 032-2E-shoot 032-3

E-shoot 027

E-shoot 037

E-shoot 038E-shoot 051

E-shoot 052

E-shoot 059E-shoot 062

E-shoot 096-3E-shoot 102E-shoot 111-2 - Copy

E-shoot 120E-shoot 122-2
E-shoot 127E-shoot 130-2

E-shoot 132

E-shoot 146E-shoot 147-2E-shoot 153
E-shoot 186-4

E-shoot 157
They’re so cute together!!

After shooting at this spot, we headed north of town to a wooded resort area for another setting. I had never been to this new spot, so it was good practice for me to get all my adjustments figured out and my ideas sorted. Of course, it’s fairly easy with subjects like these two!

E-shoot 191E-shoot 207E-shoot 208
E-shoot 233
I love the colors here!
E-shoot 248-2E-shoot 249-2E-shoot 251-2 (2)E-shoot 288-2E-shoot 297

E-shoot 302E-shoot 329E-shoot 342E-shoot 355E-shoot 357

In conclusion, a couple of designs I did just for fun. :)

N&T3 copy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God bless america


These arrangements decorated the tables at our annual volunteer firemen’s banquet. I just thought they looked really cool. :)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

the second right answer


I took my camera to the pond again.

And again, the ducks flew away long before I could even take aim.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get the photo shoot I want out of Harry and Hilda. They simply do not seem to want their portraits taken. Maybe they get tired of looking at their reflections in the pond or something??

However, not every question has only one correct answer; neither does every picture attempt have only one correct outcome. I didn’t get the ducks, but I kinda like what I did get.


Apparently Mr. and Mrs. H had been preening.

I like. How ’bout you?

I also like bright green moss that grows between paving stones, and creeping green plants that decide they want to sprawl across the sidewalk.


Looks almost (almost!!) like spring.

Hopefully it doesn’t decide to snow now that I said that…


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