Thursday, February 17, 2011

the second right answer


I took my camera to the pond again.

And again, the ducks flew away long before I could even take aim.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get the photo shoot I want out of Harry and Hilda. They simply do not seem to want their portraits taken. Maybe they get tired of looking at their reflections in the pond or something??

However, not every question has only one correct answer; neither does every picture attempt have only one correct outcome. I didn’t get the ducks, but I kinda like what I did get.


Apparently Mr. and Mrs. H had been preening.

I like. How ’bout you?

I also like bright green moss that grows between paving stones, and creeping green plants that decide they want to sprawl across the sidewalk.


Looks almost (almost!!) like spring.

Hopefully it doesn’t decide to snow now that I said that…


  1. Beautiful photos, Hallie! :-) It does look like spring! It's feeling like spring here (Florida)... with temperatures expected in the 80's ... :-)



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