Wednesday, November 30, 2011



On Monday, I had the opportunity to join my best friend Amanda on a portrait shoot with her friend Dustin, who’s also into photography. So we traded off between posing and picture-taking. :) Needless to say, I infinitely preferred taking the pictures to being in them…


And a few fine-art type pictures I took at the same location, using my telephoto lens at its widest aperture pointed straight up at the dangling branches of a birch tree:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my story . 02


This week, my story has been blissful moments of sheer relaxation … eating the most delicious dinner of the entire year … getting some jump-up-and-down exciting news … watching the last yellow leaves drift off the trees … driving through fog as thick as peanut butter (“You mean pea soup!” “You eat what you like, and I’ll eat what I like! LAAAND HO-O-O!” “No kidding…” Okay, I’ll stop quoting Hermie and Yukon now… You’ve all seen the 1964 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer right?) … drinking a glass of cold, smooth eggnog after a long-distance run … taking pictures with my best friend … getting a new pair of black boots (with buckles!!!) … and, again, just looking forward to life in general. :)


(This seems kinda backwards… last week, I was posting snow. This week, it’s leaves. Apparently the seasons have temporarily reversed.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

my story


My story this week has consisted of getting back into the old swing of life now that the play is over… going running early on cold mornings… grinding my teeth at my shin-splints… trying to get ahead on assignments so I don’t have to worry about them over Thanksgiving… two beautiful snowfalls… experiencing the faithful prayers of friends and family… laughing out loud… watching chickadees outside the window… hauling hay to my horse in the snow… planning Christmas baking… eating peanut M&M’s… and looking forward to life in general. :)


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

first snow


Lounging in a big, cushy chair next to a glowing woodstove, sipping creamy hot chocolate and feeling the sleepiness that follows a long walk in cold air, all while editing new photos and conveniently forgetting about homework. Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?!


and then, she {snapped}


Sigh. Puts me in the mood for a blanket, popcorn, and a chick flick. Too bad I probably won’t have time for that anytime soon! Oh, well—I can still daydream about Christmas lights, Thanksgiving feasts, a plethora of cookies, “Jingle Bell Rock,” and two weeks’ vacation from school!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

where i’ve been


Yeeshk, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been traveling backward in time and spending my weeks as a strong-willed countess in Shakespearean-era Italy, stopping back into the real world just long enough to turn in algebra homework. :)

In spite of all the servants I had on hand, it was a lot of work being Italian nobility. Who knew it took so much energy to reject the advances of the Duke of Illyria, pursue the affections of the Duke’s servant (to no avail), find out you married the wrong man, and get mental help for your manservant who has suddenly fallen in love with you?!


On top of that, I had weeks of Princess Diaries-style “princess lessons” to learn how to gracefully wear the insanely heavy (but impressive) dresses, and I had to become fluent in a new language. (“Go thou, and seek the crowner, and let him sit o’ my coz—for he’s in the third degree of drink; he’s drowned.”)


It’s bittersweet to be back in 21st-century America permanently. I don’t really miss the hot, scratchy dresses or the fear of tripping on my hem. I don’t even miss my husband (I married him the same day that I met him, so I really didn’t know him very well). I can’t miss the language, because I haven’t lost it—I will be reforming sentences into Shakespearean English until my dying day!

But I do miss being with my fellow sixteenth-century Italians, living the luxurious life of royalty and forgetting temporarily that such things as homework, analytical essays, and imaginary numbers even exist.

(To borrow a few words from Shakespeare, I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, to my best friend and fellow photographer Amanda for taking pictures of our final Twelfth Night performance!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



I have been completely swamped for the past few weeks. This weekend, our high school drama club’s production of Twelfth Night finally opens—something I, along with thirteen other kids, have been working on since the beginning of September. It’s been awesome to watch it come together and a blast to build new friendships, but wow, when I think about actually performing it in two days, I want to take the first flight to Honolulu.


If it were just the play, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But somehow all three of my college professors have collaborated to beef up my homework load massively this week. So it’s not just remembering 118 lines and cues and countless tones, inflections, costume changes, and gestures; it’s remembering to turn in my final draft on time, to figure out the least common denominator before adding like terms in the numerator, to find half an hour to exercise somewhere in my week, and to eat and sleep once in awhile as well.


Odd as it sounds, though, there’s something invigorating about being emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically exhausted. It brings me to a place of total surrender to God—a place I should be way more often than I am. And it reminds me to appreciate the moments I can rest, the moments I can enjoy without stressing about a deadline or a grade or a play performance.


Some of the best moments of my week occur between 11:50AM and 2:00PM on Mondays. That’s when I’ve just gotten out of health class and get to spend a couple of hours with my amazing best friend, Amanda. We find a cheap place to eat, catch up on each other’s weeks, and laugh abundantly. Some days we find a spot to take pictures—my senior portraits, pictures of her for my portfolio, or even just the scenery.


Yeah, I could do without the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. I’m not really a fan of the undertow sensation, being dragged deeper and deeper down against my will. But when I’m in that place, too tired to fight my way to the surface and knowing there is no escape, I realize that whatever happens, God is in control. Knowing that gives me strength to get through the impossible. I even have some energy left over for some fun and laughter at the end of the day. :)


Now that I’ve sermonized you to death, my friends, I need some advice. The same day I took all the pictures in this post, Amanda took several senior pictures for me. I love the following, but can’t decide which one is my favorite variation! Your votes would be most welcome!


Thank you in advance!


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