Tuesday, November 15, 2011

where i’ve been


Yeeshk, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been traveling backward in time and spending my weeks as a strong-willed countess in Shakespearean-era Italy, stopping back into the real world just long enough to turn in algebra homework. :)

In spite of all the servants I had on hand, it was a lot of work being Italian nobility. Who knew it took so much energy to reject the advances of the Duke of Illyria, pursue the affections of the Duke’s servant (to no avail), find out you married the wrong man, and get mental help for your manservant who has suddenly fallen in love with you?!


On top of that, I had weeks of Princess Diaries-style “princess lessons” to learn how to gracefully wear the insanely heavy (but impressive) dresses, and I had to become fluent in a new language. (“Go thou, and seek the crowner, and let him sit o’ my coz—for he’s in the third degree of drink; he’s drowned.”)


It’s bittersweet to be back in 21st-century America permanently. I don’t really miss the hot, scratchy dresses or the fear of tripping on my hem. I don’t even miss my husband (I married him the same day that I met him, so I really didn’t know him very well). I can’t miss the language, because I haven’t lost it—I will be reforming sentences into Shakespearean English until my dying day!

But I do miss being with my fellow sixteenth-century Italians, living the luxurious life of royalty and forgetting temporarily that such things as homework, analytical essays, and imaginary numbers even exist.

(To borrow a few words from Shakespeare, I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, to my best friend and fellow photographer Amanda for taking pictures of our final Twelfth Night performance!)


  1. Those costumes are so amazing! Were they made for you?

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully fun time! Love the costumes!

  3. I just found your blog. I really enjoyed reading this post. I was in a play this year too. :D Isn't theater sooooo fun, challenging, draining, life-changing and altogether amazing!?

    Were you a queen? Looks like so much fun.

    I played Queen Esther in a play based on the story of Esther from the bible. It was my very first play and I really enjoyed doing it.

    I thought it was really funny when you said that you married your husband the first day you met him. It made me chuckle inside to read that. That's kinda what happened to me too. :D Haha.



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