Saturday, May 28, 2016

i'm still alive + an announcement

Sorry this space has been so silent lately. I promise it's not for lack of things to say or photos to share! It's just that I've spent the month on the cusp of something new, something that I'm excited about - bittersweet as it is.

I've been blogging here for over six years now. It started out as a place to share my growing love of photography and has evolved into something far greater - a journal of sorts, a place that (public as it is) feels safe to speak what's really on my mind and heart.

But I think my purpose has finally grown a little bigger than this page can sensibly support, so I've decided to create a space that's a little more my own.

I don't intend to change too much about the content I share (notwithstanding the inevitable evolution of my beliefs and ideas as I get older and hopefully wiser). My photos will still be my go-to visual interest and my thoughts will still be centered on viewing life from a perspective of the truth. But I'm hoping to share things a little more in-depth - deeper explorations both of my own thoughts and of the Word of God.

I would like my new page to foster learning, growth, and discussion not just for me, but for any readers that may take an interest. So please head over to Sehnsucht and have a look around. :)

Follow my new blog here!


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