Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well, I must confess that my photographic adventures have been few and far between lately. I’m pretty much recovered from whatever virus or infection it was that I had, but I haven’t seen too much to attract my lens lately. Maybe I just haven’t done enough searching for it.

One thing that really helped pass the time while I was sick was going through all my thousands of old photos. I found some pretty good (or at least interesting) ones that I’d forgotten about entirely!

Green 061

Ducks on the Pond 057

Flowers 184

Grandma B's house 087

This one (above) is actually the very first photo I posted to this blog!

Grandma B's house 125Green 208

In addition to going through old photos, I spent some time on design. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new template… Still not wholly positive if I like it, but I felt like having something light and springy. I’m fully prepared for winter to be over. :) Here are some of the other headers I designed:



BlogHeader2 copy

BlogHeader4 copy

I had a lot of fun. :) Next to photography itself, graphic design is one of my favorite forms of art!


  1. I love the new template Hallie. Makes me think of spring!

  2. Hallie, you are amazing. Everything you do is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creativity and talent! :)

  3. I think the selective focus on the Wishram bridge makes it almost look like a miniature. I'm not sure if you're familiar with making "fake miniature" shots. You usually take it from an angle above I think. You can blur it in postprocessing or maybe with some manual method that I'm not sure how to do. The blur simulates like the top and bottom being outside the depth of field as if you're taking a close up of a miniature scene. It looks kind of cool.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I really like the picture of the two ducks. Very cool!



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