Saturday, January 29, 2011

snow day

The irony of this post is one small, inconvenient fact. The title says “snow day.” However, we have not had any snow since the day after the sailor’s warning. That makes me a very tardy blog poster.

I can explain, however.

I post photos. Photos are fairly large files. They take time to post, especially on dial-up internet. So, to save myself a lot of frustration (and being yelled at for plugging up the phone line), I wait to post on my blog until I can hook my laptop up to some hi-speed somewhere.

This requires travel. It is extremely uncomfortable to travel when one has a 104-degree fever.

So, I’m sorry if this sounds like a big dumb excuse, but it’s the truth of the matter. I hope I’m forgiven. :)

I’m proud to be able to say I didn’t waste my snow day, however:


I spent it taking an amazing portrait shoot of lovely Hannah in a lovely dress in the lovely snow!!!


I had so much fun. It was freezing, of course (could this have anything to do with my subsequent illness?), but it we had a great time and I had a lot of exposure-adjustment-experience. :)


Not exactly glorious marble pillars looking out on a stone wall, but hey, it works.



Yes, her hands were very cold.


I’m sure you remember my Amanda portrait shoot using her big rainbow umbrella. Well, now you get to meet my black-and-white one. :)

(Note: umbrellas are not limited to use as shelters in satin-dress fantasy worlds. They may also be used as swords or other weapons of self-defense.)


Love it.


Of course, within an hour or two after this shoot, the temperature went up and the snow started to melt. It was entirely gone by the following day, and we got temperatures of 40 or 50 degrees and raining, which was glorious (besides the flooding). I was housebound for a big chunk of the nice weather, but I’m happy to report that I am out and about today, for once, and that the sun is shining for me. :)


  1. Pretty pictures!
    That dress is so beautiful! I love the color!
    And I love your new template! Very pretty!

    A Servant for Christ,

  2. Hallie,

    Lovely photos!!!! I loved the dress, it contrasted wonderfully with the white snow around it. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! :)

    In Christ,




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