Friday, August 19, 2011

us {enough said}


I drove to my best friend Amanda’s house yesterday.

I’ve never done that before, even though I’ve had my driver’s license for over a year.


She lives around fifty miles away… down a long, curvy, steep, narrow grade. I think I had too much fun driving down that thing. Back up again wasn’t quite as thrilling, though.

We keep in contact by email and get together every couple of months for our “portrait fixes.” These generally consist of a lot of pictures… a lot of posing… a lot of insanity… and a lot of food.


Current picture total for yesterday only: 754.


Amanda is one of those people with natural class. She always looks stylish. She can do the coolest poses. She is so much fun to take pictures of.

Have you ever met someone like that before? I find them amazing.


The two of us are notorious for getting a little, um, cranky when we aren’t sufficiently fed. So a portrait session must include food (including sugary food) to keep us from going crazy.

Well, maybe it doesn’t quite keep us from going crazy… but it helps.


We had grand and glamorous plans for getting dressed up in long, flowy dresses and then taking portraits of each other wading through the sand and water at the riverside. We did get in the dresses, but promptly decided not to put ourselves through the emotional trauma of looking quite that ridiculous on a populous beach.

That is not a decision I regret.

Amanda18linking the above to:
and then, she {snapped}


You can check out Amanda’s photography here. And since the portraits she took will be (some of) my senior pictures, I guess I’ll show you guys a couple…


[editing by me]

So yeah. Another awesome day of portraits (and food!!) goes down in the history of Us. :)


  1. What beautiful work you both have done.. and how awesome to share this passion with each other... I am loving the blue jean shot of you!!!!!!!!

  2. Love that red hair! So pretty and unique. :)

  3. Oh my, these are incredible!!!

  4. Visiting from "Favorite Photo of the Week". Love the sense of perspective in that middle shot you submitted. Gorgeous. The graffiti adds such interest to the shot too.


  5. You two girls should pair up at some point and start a studio. You are both very talented photographers. Well done. Thanks so much for sharing these. :)

  6. How fun! Great shots, and I love the shoes!

  7. Sounds like a great time! I love your photos... and She must be flattered you're using her pics for your Senior pictures!

  8. Your shots are beautiful Hallie Jo! You made the final five for Fabulous Friday. Thanks for participating!



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