Wednesday, August 17, 2011

in the mountains

By now you’ve probably noticed that I love mountains. The one that faithfully satisfies my beauty-thirsty eyes every day, Mt. Adams, makes frequent appearances on this blog. You’d recognize it looking something like this:

Paper Heart Photo

Well, this past weekend, we got a closer look… from a different side.

I couldn’t help feeling that my mountain had turned his back on me while taking these pictures. But the beauty is definitely not lacking!

Climbing this mountain is definitely one of the things on my bucket list. All my life, I’ve looked at it from a distance and admired its beauty, watched it change with the weather and seasons, and stood in awe at God’s creation. (He even tells us that with absolute faith, we—through Him—could move something that massive. Oh, to have faith that big!) Someday soon, I want to experience this mountain anew: from on top.

I’ve always kinda been that way—I like to experience things in all sorts of ways. Just looking at beauty is enough for awhile, but then I want to taste it, smell it, breathe it, and touch it. I want to be in it and on it and around it and part of it. That’s why I don’t like to just look at the ocean or look at the rain or look at the mountain… I want to be swimming in it, dancing in it, climbing on it.

Anyway. That’s just the way I am.

Mountain water is so wonderful. It smells so beautifully clean, it looks so pure, it runs so cheerfully, and it’s so glacier-cold. And unlike saltwater or tap water (at least mine!), it’s velvety soft.
These next pictures were taken from up above the waterfall—only a few yards outside the frame the water roared down a steep rock cliff. The sun made it sparkle purple, for some reason. I slowed my shutter way down for the second shot, but I should have compensated better by closing the aperture down a little.

And this lovely body of water is Mosquito Lake. (It’s much more inviting than the name suggests!)

It was such a beautiful day. I couldn’t get enough. We stopped and picked huckleberries in the forest. We saw so many gorgeous landscapes. We investigated creekside campgrounds. I already want to go back.

One last vista to leave you with, this time of my second favorite mountain: Mt. Hood.


Have a happy day!


  1. I love mountains and forests too. Looks like a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation.

  2. I love the mountains too. The waterfall pics are awesome.

  3. Are you kidding me? these are gorgeous.

  4. Stunning first picture -- absolutely love it!

  5. Stunning is right! Those are incredible pictures! I think my favorite is the 12th pic! It is so cool how the sunlight is! Beautiful pictures! Keep up the great work!!!! <3

  6. How lovely to view all the different perspectives of the mountain, so many glorious photos!

  7. The landscape is so beautiful! Where do you live?



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