Sunday, July 31, 2011

scavenger hunt ii

walking empty streets

I wasn’t literally on a street when I took this picture, but “empty streets” makes me think “deserted,” so this picture seems to fit.river2

repeating patterns

My just-out-of-ninth-grade sister might be able to tell you the scientific categorization for the pattern of veins in this petal. If I remembered anything from biology in ninth grade, I could too…


This was hard! Floors really aren’t that inspiring, but it makes the scavenger hunt more challenging—and thus, of course, more fun. I decided to use an outdoor floor to get some texture. :)

then and now

Top: taken May 2010 on all auto settings and lightly edited. Bottom: taken May 2011 on mostly manual settings and lightly edited. (Had to take these out of my archives, obviously!)


Okay, I have to admit… *cringe*… that this photo is also from my archives. I know, lame! I won’t even start with excuses. I just hope you like it. :)
So in spite of the Return to the Archives, did I do okay?

A few more bright and cheery pictures for you:
Last but not least, I have a request to make of you. As you might be able to tell if you’ve been around my blog long, I’m not really a heavy photo editor. I enhance, but in most cases I don’t do drastic manipulations. If I do, I’m never really sure about the result. So I’m going to post a SOOC shot and two edits (which aren’t exactly drastic, but kind of drastic from my point of view), and if you could tell me your thoughts, I would be ever so obliged!

hotandsunny 020

Edit #1

Edit #2
Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


  1. Neat shots, I like your "repeating patterns" photo the best. :)

    Your editing and SOOC pictures are very pretty, but I think the editing part makes the photo feel more "unique". ;)

  2. That butterfly is amazing!
    I love your SOOC shot, epecially because I think I like it without the crop, but the colors in Edit #1 are lovely :)

  3. What a beautiful set - I especially love your fingertips shot!

  4. the butterfly photo is wonderful!!! great set of photos!

  5. Wow! Those are gorgeous! The first flower picture is so amazing!!!! Wonderful job!

  6. Great shots. I love the flags picture. Great composition



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