Sunday, July 10, 2011

scavenger hunt

I’m doing another new link up! I’ve seen this one around a lot of blogs and decided to try it since I found its source over at Ashley’s. I think this one is awesome because five topics are given each week, and everyone has a different interpretation of the topics. This week’s topics were something that looks like a letter of the alphabet, weather, bling, tangled, and dark.

something that looks like a letter of the alphabet

This stumped me at first. I kept looking around and trying to see letters of the alphabet in ordinary objects, but they completely eluded me until my brothers were playing croquet at our Fourth of July picnic.
Self Portrait 6 - Alphabet


I was hoping for something a little more climactic than this—like a raging thunderstorm or an awesome dust devil. But the truth is, Mt. Adams is like a natural weather-predictor around here. When it looks like this, it’s almost invariably dead calm (or as close to dead calm as this place gets). If there’s a cloud on that horizon, you can expect wind and a weather change.


When I think “bling,” I think of the girls at rodeos whose belts, bridles, breast-collars, and saddles are so studded with rhinestones that they blind anyone who’s not wearing sunglasses. The “showiness” doesn’t really appeal to me, so I went for “natural” bling instead—the kind from sun hitting mid-air water droplets. :)
Self Portrait 7 - Bling


A couple of factors influenced my choice of pictures for this topic. First of all, wind is perpetual here. If the weather station reads “0 mph” it’s either a miracle or it’s 6 a.m. And it has its effect on the second factor—my hair, which is waist-long. So when you say tangled, I think hair.
Self Portrait 3 - Tangled


With Fourth of July and all, this one was a no-brainer for me: fireworks!
Fireworks 071

This was a blast!!!


  1. These are very beautiful pictures! :) Great job!

  2. I love your bling shot, your weather and your h great eye!

  3. Your weather shot is to die for. I want to be there and soak all that in. beautiful!!

  4. You've done a fantastic job with the prompts this week and I'm so glad you joined. Hard to choose a favorite...I love them all!

  5. I love the weather picture! That sky is so pretty.

  6. That's a great take on bling!

  7. Really a terrific job! great job capturing the "bling" in the water droplets and fantastic photo of tangled!

  8. Fantastic job! I love each and every pic, but your weather pic is just so stunning!:)



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