Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not-so-creepy crawlies

Anybody recognize the subject of this picture?

When I was little, I had an obsession with these not-so-creepy crawlies. I never found out what they ended up turning into (moths? butterflies?) but in their stages as fuzzy caterpillars or "woolly bears," I loved them. I'd ask Mom to take me out in the stroller for the sole purpose of collecting them and keeping them as pets.

(There is also one tale where two of my captive caterpillars found their way into my brother's bed. . . . Another story!)

Even when I was older I liked to seek them out. Hannah and I would spend hours plucking them from the swamp grass. On one occasion in late spring when I was probably seven or eight years old, we collected over 500--enough to fill a large peanut butter jar to the top.

(No, I didn't keep them captive that time. They were all granted freedom by the end of the afternoon.)

This morning during my expedition, I was reunited with the woolly bears. Only this time, I had my camera with me.

Caterpillars weren't my only subject this morning, however. In fact, this post will be full of miscellaneous pictures. That's my fault for not posting since Saturday.
The pink flowers above are each about the diameter of a dime. Thanks to the macro setting on my point-and-shoot camera I can get incredibly detailed shots!

 A taste of a cloudy and blustery spring morning on our place:
That's the field my sister and I change irrigation sets on daily in the summertime.
Above--two horses rarely lie down at the same time. Splash is keeping a watchful eye for predators while Drem rests. In awhile, they'll trade shifts.
I love the blurring of Splash's coat pattern in the back of this one. Drem (below) also has beautiful eyes.
Photography is never boring! From caterpillars to flowers to landscapes to horses, it's a dynamic hobby that changes with the seasons, the weather, even moods. You have no idea what agony I went through to pare down today's pictures to the few I have posted here! This is only a fraction of the 360-ish that I took. . . .

So it's April 27th today. Three more days in April, and my April 2010 folder is at 5.99 GB. Is it possible to go three days without clicking the shutter?

We'll find out.


  1. LOVE that super-closeup of the purple flower with dewdrops on it! I actually saw a catepillar the other day and I thought of you roaming the neighborhood collecting them! That was before I saw this post so I thought it was funny that your next one featured the little creepy-crawlies. Beautiful photos as always!

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely the caterpillar collector. :) I still have a slight partiality to them, in fact. . . .



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