Monday, April 12, 2010

the view from the backroads

An enduring rule of photography is that if an area, a place, a scene doesn't work for you once, then try, try again. Go back to that place over . . . and over . . . and over, in every combination of conditions. Try it in the sunlight. Try it in the fog. Morning, noon, evening. Dawn and dusk. Snowing and raining. Know exactly how all these conditions, in whatever combination, will affect the picture you plan to take.

I'm trying to play on that rule lately. When I take my camera on my walks, I see the same scenery over and over again. I don't want to bore you to death with it, so I often don't post it. But I'm exploring its every mood in hopes of finding it at its best someday.

My family is beginning to grow used to my "expeditions." Mom used to worry when I wasn't back in an hour. When an hour and a half had passed, someone would drive around the Loop looking for me. But now if I happen to get attacked by a cougar while I'm out on my explorations I probably won't be missed for a few hours. . . . Somewhat disconcerting.

You may recall that I walked up to the neighbors' sheep feeders the day it snowed, but the snow prevented me from spending much time there. I returned yesterday morning and even headed a little further up the road looking for something new to take pictures of. Here are a few. :)

 Above--two different ways of portraying a curious ewe. Which one do you like better?


 The spot-faced ewe above and the group of sleepy lambs below are two of my favorite pictures from this particular expedition.


 I also love the barn above, especially accented with sepia coloring, making it look even older than it is.

 I'd have liked to get a lot closer to this coyote, but that definitely wasn't going to happen.


  1. wow, so beautiful. I love the sheep pictures, but I love the landscapes even more... it makes me appreciate the beauty of Goldendale so much, and it makes me homesick! I never loved the country so much until I moved to the city!

  2. Yeah, going out and finding pictures in the area I've lived in forever has been a fun challenge. It forces me to see it as though I've never seen it before. :)



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