Thursday, April 8, 2010

my new occupation: captor of live subjects

I jinxed us again. More snow! This time I brought it with me while spending a couple of days with my best friend in nearby White Salmon. I need to refrain from saying the word "spring" in the future. (Oops . . . I just said it again. I'm forecasting a blizzard.)

Amanda and I thought it would be entertaining to head downtown in a cold west wind, get a hot chai latte, and take some random pictures. Plans changed. Sunlight on a lawn of obliging water droplets compelled us to spend 20 minutes walking one block. Then the coffee shop was out of chai, so we got freezing cold frappaccinos instead. After that the wind picked up, turning us into ice cubes, so we did the smart thing: took off our coats to take portraits.

Yeah, you read that right. (We did, however, hide from the wind in the meantime.)

This was a rare opportunity of having a willing (or captive?) subject to take portraits of. Though the temperature was a small hindrance, it turned out to be a successful afternoon full of pictures and laughter. The best way to have a picture day :)

You can see more of our picture freeze in my gallery, and if you want to get really brave, you can go to Amanda's blog at and see some of me. . . .

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