Friday, April 16, 2010

everybody wants to be a cat

Okay, okay . . . another Disney line. I'm sorry. I'm a devoted cat lover and I never wanted to be a cat more than I do right now!

For today's expedition I wanted to explore the marsh that runs across our cow pasture. I had a few goals: 1) to photograph a snipe; 2) to photograph a mallard duck pair; and 3) to photograph the yellow-rumped warblers I saw in the shrubbery yesterday.

I learned a long time ago that swamp birds were elusive. How elusive, however, I didn't learn until today.

My expedition went sour right at the beginning. I had barely started walking down the driveway when I saw a snipe scuttling through the cattails two feet away. I froze. Here I was, my camera actually with me at a priceless moment . . . and I froze. He rocketed straight up into the sky.

I will not detail how many more times I ruined potentially perfect picture moments today, with snipes and ducks. The yellow-rumped warblers never even showed up.

How does my cat, Lenny (the fluffy orange one pictured in my Animal gallery), manage to hunt and catch birds in that swamp? The mud is like quicksand! Yet he successfully brings home all kinds of birds. I recall only once or twice when he even looked like he'd been in the mud.

Today I wish I were a cat.

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