Friday, April 23, 2010

back the other way

I find it amazing how different things look when you make a simple change to your viewpoint. My morning walks around the Loop are always counter-clockwise, starting out going east. Just for the heck of it, yesterday morning I decided to go clockwise instead.

There's so much out there I didn't notice before. A different angle on the trees, the mountains, the fields. It was pretty cool.

 It's shameful how few pictures I've posted of Mt. Adams. I love this mountain. We have a perfect view of it from our living room window. It graces the northwest corner of the horizon, and Mt. Hood officiates on the southwest corner. My brothers and my dad have climbed Mt. Adams several times, and my oldest brother is hoping to climb Mt. Hood in a couple of weeks (help!!!).

<< A view of our house that I didn't even know was there! I love the leaning tree. Trees are often welcome additions to landscape pictures--at least I think so. :)

Another fun tree!
Like I said . . . I love tree pictures.

After a crazy photo-attempt, I decided that you all need to meet Turbo. He's an indoor Bengal kitten that lives at the house across the road where my horse boards. And he definitely lives up to his name!
Look at those claws! He's scheming about something. You can see it in his evil eyes. . . .

Check this out--the flash turned his eyes green. He seems to think he's very intimidating. I changed the last picture to regular black eye pupils just for fun. Which one do you like better?
I love cat pictures!


  1. Awww! I love cat pictures too. I so wish I had a cat! That beastie looks like he could be vicious if he wanted to be! Is he friendly?

  2. When he's not attacking everything that moves, he's pretty friendly and fun to play with. :) Amy loves him!!

  3. Nice mountain pic Hallie! I miss being able to see Mt. Adams every day. Mt. Rainier is a nice mountain but there are so many darn clouds over here that I rarely get to see it!

  4. Mt. Hood is going to be schweet.

  5. Thanks Emily. :)

    Tim, I can't believe you're climbing that mountain. Are you trying to our decades off all our lives?!

  6. Thousands of people climb that mountain every year with no problem. There's nothing to worry about.



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