Monday, April 5, 2010

the embrace of sunlight and the kiss of frost

Seeking penance for banishing the world to snow the other day, the sun won a battle with rainclouds during the night and came out in all its triumphant glory this morning. Today is my first day back into routine after spring break, so I didn't get to take my long walk, but I had time to go out and take a few pictures closer to home.

The most interesting part of my morning adventure was seeing in a totally different aspect the very same landscape I photographed engulfed in snow on Friday. The snow simplified the landscape into a few shades of the same blue-gray; today everything was a riot of colors evident of spring.

(Last time I said the word "spring" I jinxed us, though. I'd better be more careful . . .)

Check out the next two photos . . . I think this is one of the most interesting comparisons of Friday vs. today. It's the same subject matter at almost exactly the same angle, but the mood is so different!


Today was a great day for taking what I call "farmstead" pictures. This next one is a farmstead I'm particularly fond of--mine!! (Notice it includes the same tree again! I'm growing fond of that tree . . .)
Doesn't the dusting of snow on the Simcoe Mountains make you think of an enchanted forest waiting to be explored?

I also like this one from this morning's "picture hunt"--our sheep having their breakfast with the sunlight hightlighting their frosty wool. The one facing the camera is Britta, the mother of Theoden.

There's always something new to see . . . or, perhaps more accurately, a new way to look at something you see every day.

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