Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy may day

I'm afraid my aspirations to end April below 6 GB failed. Three whole days without taking pictures of any kind was too much for me. I might have been able to handle it, except for the fact that my sister had a home track meet that I felt obliged to photographically document, despite her protests. So as far as I know, April 2010 is my most-photographed month on record, ending at a strong 6.14 GB. :)

Happy birthdays to my regal kitty, Lenny, and my beautiful horse, Drem! Both of them turn eleven years old this month. Poor Lenny is aging too fast. He's fiercely loyal to me and very territorial--the only other cat allowed on his property is our other indoor/outdoor cat, Oscar. Sometimes Lenny wages intense battles with trespassers, especially lately, and I'm afraid it's taking its toll on his health. :( But he has family history of longevity--his very elderly mother, Junebug, still thrives at my cousins' house.

Out on my photo shoot this evening, Lenny took up guard of my camera bag for me. >>

Cats are notorious for being hard to photograph, thanks to their uncooperative independence. The main reason Lenny is so hard, though, is because he's forever trying to get closer to me. One morning he was sitting in a chair at the breakfast table across from me, and when I began talking to him, he got so excited that he just had to jump on the table and cross over to see me. When I'm using my 55-200mm lens, this can present a problem!

<< I like this one. It was an accident--I was using my 18-55mm lens in hopes of actually being able to focus the camera, since he continually got closer to rub on the lens. I aimed the camera without looking through the viewfinder and ended up cutting off half his face, but I like how it emphasizes his whiskers.

My kingly kitty in the glow of sunset. Isn't he pretty?

Here's an old picture I found of me and Drem a couple of years ago. She was probably eight or nine years old at the time. >>

It was a beautiful late afternoon for springy pictures, despite the freezing cold wind.

Last but not least--Oscar, my sister's kitty. He has an unfortunate reputation of being the obese ruler of the household, but I caught him at a time when he was being active, for once! It was amazing!


  1. Cat pictures make me so happy. Especially of Lenny Benny Barta! I want a cat! I keep telling Emily I'm going to go find an orphaned lion to adopt in Africa. ;)

  2. Love the cat pics! You made Oscar look so nice and thin - no one would know how big he is! :) Sam keeps trying to put my cats on a diet but I won't let him. I like pudgy kitties.

  3. Me too! Oscar makes a great pillow, especially when he's too lazy to move... :)



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