Saturday, May 29, 2010

rain dance

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness never danced in the rain.  ~ Author unknown

I love rain. Maybe it's because rain where I live is so indecisive most of the time. It spatters a little, sprinkles, graduates to a shower, and then almost immediately dwindles. A high wind sends those clouds on their way only to bring in new ones to repeat the ritual.

But my favorite kind of rain is a delicious downpour--the kind that crash in out of nowhere, fill the gutters to overflowing, and then over the course of about an hour settle down to a nice steady shower.

That's the best for rain dancing.

We had one of those just the other day. A few claps of thunder and an hour's downpour left us with half an inch of rain and very wet sweatshirts.

I think I was even wetter than I am after doing irrigation in the mornings.

Especially since I was sprawled flat out on the wet lawn taking pictures . . .


I love rain.



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