Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the buckskin

News flash: horses are awesome.

Any horse, every horse. I love horses. They're beautiful and graceful and intelligent. They're impossible and frustrating and infuriating. They're amazing and adorable and inspiring.

My horse, Drem, is all of the above. She's one of my best friends.

But today, I'm talking about another horse. I don't know what his name is--I just call him The Buckskin.

The Buckskin lives in a grassy paddock about a mile and a half from my house. I'd seen him a couple of times, but I didn't go over to introduce myself to him until last week. He required a little bit of coaxing to come meet my sister and me, but when he did, he decided he liked us.

He's so pretty. I've always had a soft spot for buckskin horses. I love the colors--tawny golden body with legs like black lightning and a dark mane and tail. This guy even had zebra stripes of white in his mane.

He nibbled and rubbed on us, pranced and danced for us, threw his head toward us. He even raced us to the end of the paddock. Raced my sister, that is . . . I was too busy capturing his elegance on camera (or trying!).

Don't you love horses?


  1. You should have seen that horse yesterday morning playing with a big stick and carrying it around in his mouth like a dog! He and I greet each other every morning on my walk. He's very handsome. I think he would enjoy a friend to play with, though. A donkey perhaps?!

  2. Oh my! I LOVEEEE your blog Hallie Jo!
    It is AWESOME!!! The pictures of The Buckskin are beautiful! He seems like he's a fun one to hang out with! :) By the way, thank you SO much for stoping by my blog! It was really sweet of you to comment :) Feel free to follow my blog too :)

    The Horse Lover *Lizzie* :)

  3. Yeah, he definitely likes to play! I need to go back and visit him again. :)

  4. Absolutly love this guy :) looking forward to seeing more!
    P.S. my name is Hallie to:)



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