Friday, June 11, 2010

afternoon on a hill, part two

Okay, you've seen the flowers we found on our skyward hike. Flowers are easy to find anywhere--including lower elevations. We didn't have to climb McCall's Peak to see them.

For the views, though, it was mandatory.

And very worth it.

First, though, a few photos from the drive to our destination. . . .

The mountains were clear, the farming in the area was at its peak, and there was some kind of construction going on down in the canyon.

Okay, no more suspense. Just a warning though: the camera can't even begin to capture the true breathtaking wonder of the views we discovered from the peak!

Isn't it amazing? Unfortunately the clouds rolled in around Mt. Hood, but Mt. Adams stayed mostly clear, and the river was gorgeous!

And just a couple of extras to conclude:


  1. Absolutely, incredibly amazing. Could it get any more beautiful?
    No pictures of the rattlesnake though? ;)

  2. No, no rattlesnake pictures-- I was a little too focused on leaving the premises to get out my camera! I kind of wish I had, though. It would have been cool. :)



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