Friday, January 29, 2016

florida in kitties

I did something I thought rather brave when I went to Florida. In fact, I'm rather in awe about it looking back.

It was this: I only took one camera lens.


This is nearly a miracle for a photographer who routinely carries four, five, or even six lenses at a time.

I ordered a couple new pieces of equipment not long before my trip in preparation for the 2016 business year (a 35mm lens and an 85mm lens) and took a huge leap of faith by taking only the 35mm with me. Every photo I took in Florida was with the brand new 35mm lens I had hardly even used before. But it turned out awesome. Landscapes, flowers, cat pictures... I have never been more thankful that I didn't haul around my whole 20+ pound lens entourage!

(PS, I know this is a Florida-in-kitties post, but I practiced with both new lenses on Thor and Loki prior to my departure so I'm throwing those pictures in too. ;))





Nameless Toasted-Marshmallow Kitty

(The above kitten was a stray who showed up around dinnertime one night just begging for love. He hung around for like two days meowing nonstop and taking all the snuggles, food, and water we offered him!)


  1. how can you take such great pictures! I love them! Oh and Thor and Loki are great names! hehe :P
    Ellie R.

  2. That was super brave of you, but your photos from the trip are amazing! I love the way the lens captures the colors (although that is probably mostly from your skills and editing!) Also that little stray has the most beautiful eyes. They're stunning!

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  4. Beautiful photos, as always! I was going to remark as well that I like the names Loki and Thor. How appropriate!

    I love the colors in the last few pictures of the nameless toasted marshmallow kitty and the way you brought out his blue eyes.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Dani xoxo

  5. I laughed at the one of The Fatty on the ottoman! I always loved that goofy cat.

  6. I want Fatty :) Also Thor in kitty deity mode is hilarious.

    Dance A Real



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