Monday, January 28, 2013

this is how january ends in florida


It’s almost gone already. The first month of the year…it started with a week of snow back home, and it’s ending with the deep evening shadows of August and the mellow golden light of September. It began with goodbyes to so many people I didn’t want to leave, and it’s ending with lazy Sunday afternoons among people I love to be around. I have found my “groove” here again in the endless summer and constant activity of being a Bible student in Florida.


A fond farewell to most unique January of my life so far. :)


  1. :) You got to see a cardinal! And I pity you taking pictures of that disgusting spider . . . I love the way you write, and now that I'm taking Mrs. Hancock, I can understand why you write so well :) No wonder you aced her class!


    I tagged you!



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