Sunday, January 20, 2013

it’s good to be alive



I love Sundays. I get to spend the whole morning and part of the evening in church, learning the Word and helping to video the sermons so that people in faraway places can learn it too. In between, I spend the entire afternoon at my favorite place in the state of Florida—the Watson Ranch—with so many people that I love. I’m blown away by the goodness of God in bringing them into my life. The afternoons that my roommate and I spend there are an oasis in our busy weeks, a time when we’re free to wander through the woods, eat amazing home-cooked food, spend hours talking about random things, and even play in the mud. The sunshine filtering through the Spanish moss… the sudden downpours… the familiar scent of marshy land… I love it all. It makes me so happy. I am so undeserving to even be looked upon by God, let alone showered with beautiful people and places and moments like these!

It’s good to be alive.


  1. are you serious?!? This looks like so much fun!! Now I'm jealous. Lovely photos, Hallie. The scenery seem so beautiful through your lens. :)

  2. Did you have FUN getting all muddy? Somehow the slime under my feet might bother me.... :P :D That looks awesome though!!! BTW, Hannah decides she likes Hallie's titles better than her own.

    1. P.S. I LOVE this song! It makes me want to dance and throw my hands up in the air tonight....

  3. Amen! Looks like you all had a great time. :)



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