Monday, December 3, 2012

a sunday afternoon story

Sunday afternoons are my favorite. Heading way out of town to the Schroeders’ for their huge family lunch after church, filling up on delicious food and hilarious conversation, and watching various competitive individuals battle it out in ping pong… it rings of hominess, if that’s a word. Driving out to the pond in Cody’s big black truck, listening to country music that we don’t even like, and catching tilapia fish for the first time… watching the sun shift below the mossy treeline at that pale golden angle that is distinctly winter, even in Florida… looking forward, more every moment, to flying home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for Christmas.

That’s my story this week. What’s yours? Whether you use words or pictures or movie quotes or song lyrics, I’d love it if you’d link up a little snippet of your journal today. :)
Hallie Jo Photography


  1. I want to know why you didn't put yourself there with your big fat fishy?

  2. Hi peep :) I awarded you on a linky thingy on my blog.



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