Saturday, August 25, 2012

scenes from my running route


This photo shoot didn’t go exactly as I planned. The plan was, get up at 6am to a nice clear sky and perfectly still air, walk three miles down to Edgewater Point, and take some early-morning pictures of the piers on the lake and the light filtering through the Spanish moss on the trees.

Well… about the only part of this plan that succeeded was that I got up at 6am. But I got up to overcast skies and just enough breeze to make the lake choppy. Add in the fact that I had only gotten six hours of sleep, and my motivation to go out and make the best of it wasn’t very high! So I crawled back into bed, slept until 9:45am (bliss), and went out later just to take some casual pictures of the houses along my running route. My dreamy 6am shoot will have to come another day.


It’s a very pretty street.


  1. Awesome houses!!!! Do you feel light and inspired when you run there ? :)



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