Sunday, August 19, 2012

florida, round two


Well, I’m here.

I find Florida to be exactly as I left it: warm, muggy, and flat, with regular downpours and thunderstorms. But I’m looking forward to learning what ten months of living here will reveal about the details of Florida’s character and appearance!

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My current limited explorations have revealed several interesting tidbits. For example… I had no idea how many tiny reptilian creatures there are here. I don’t know if they’re lizards or geckos or what, but they’re very abundant. As a matter of fact, I found one in my dorm room last night! His name is Bob.


The diversity of flora is also rather impressive. I discovered leafy bushes, moss-covered trees, shrubs with brilliant orange flowers, and some odd cactus-like thing all occupying the same hedge in one area! (Don’t you love my educated-sounding descriptions? I really have no idea what these plants are called.)


It’s such an interesting… different… place. After eighteen and a half years studying my home territory of the Pacific Northwest, it’s going to be fun to learn the ins and outs of a new area. :)


  1. Yes, it certainly is different! Though I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, I can tell this from your pictures. haha

    Spanish moss is very southern... And by the way, you're probably finding lizards. ;) The green ones are my favorite. We have a couple species of geckos, but the lizards are far more common (i.e. everywhere).

    Hope you have a great year!

  2. Bob! Why am I not surprised? =)

    Hope you have a great first week!

  3. You are already missed back here, Hallie, but we'll forgive you for leaving as long as the pictures keep coming!!! :)

    Love the flora down there, SOO green.




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