Saturday, August 4, 2012

eagle creek


Wow, what a beautiful hike! Our group of Dog Mountain hikers reunited (plus a couple new faces) to explore the Eagle Creek trail, which I’ve always heard much of but had never actually experienced. After Dog Mountain, we all agreed that Eagle Creek seemed tame—but what it lacked in steepness, it made up for in distance. It was at least six miles each way to our spectacular Tunnel Falls destination.

Eagle CreekEagle Creek3Eagle Creek6Eagle Creek7Eagle Creek9Eagle Creek10Eagle Creek11Eagle Creek12

One of the most beautiful spots on the trail was Punchbowl Falls, about two miles up and hidden down a steep spur off the main trail. The water ran so cold and clear and the falls were just incredible.

Eagle Creek13Eagle Creek14Eagle Creek15Eagle Creek16Eagle Creek20Eagle Creek18Eagle Creek21Eagle Creek22Eagle Creek24Eagle Creek25Eagle Creek26

And finally, Tunnel Falls. Have you ever walked behind a waterfall? It’s…wow.

Eagle Creek27Eagle Creek28

Thanks Rebecca for taking the above picture of my sister and me!


  1. The scenery looks incredible! Wish I could hike up there... Glad you guys had fun! :)

  2. Beautiful! That waterfall looks amazing.



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