Saturday, April 16, 2011

there is hope


… even for my corner of the globe. See it?


*Happy sigh*

I apologize for this being so few pictures. I’ve been a bit sick (again…) for several days, so hopefully when I get back at it I’ll have more for you. :)


  1. Hello, Hallie! I am new to your blog and Johanna, a dear friend, introduced it to me!

    I wanted to let you know what an amazingly talented young photographer you are! Your photography {although I have only viewed a snippet of it} is remarkable and such an inspiration! What camera do you use? What editor do you use?

    *happy sigh* Whenever I see your photography it brings be such joy! Keep doing what you do and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Many MANY blessings,
    ~Miss Grace~
    & Keeper of the Garden @

  2. Hi Grace! I actually just found your blog also (and also through Johanna!) :) I'm so glad you like my photos, and I love browsing through yours too! To answer your questions, I use a Nikon D40 camera and usually edit with Nikon Capture NX, but occasionally Photoshop Elements. How about you? :)

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Awwww.....I'm missing the tulips! They are my favorite flower and seeing them in your pictures just makes me smile. Beautiful work as always Hallie!



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