Saturday, April 30, 2011

scripture and a snapshot



Boy, do I know how that is firsthand! My horse can be such a pain! But I love her. :) It’s good to know that God loves us and still wants to be with us even when we want to run off and do our own thing.

tulipskitties 027kitties 028

Have a beautiful weekend. :)


  1. What gorgeous lighting! And I love how you did the font, Hallie Jo!

  2. The scripture is a good reminder. Love all the shots, but the kitty shot is my fav. He looks like he's well loved!

  3. That halter shot is just BEAUTIFUL, the lighting is amazing! I love the way you mixed fonts, too! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  4. Lovely shot... Much love Anna

  5. Beautiful thoughts.. and the lighting on those tulips... Loe it!

  6. Hi Hallie Jo,

    Nice to meet you. I love the photos. Very creative. Especially the first one with the scripture and the kitty. Great lighting for the kitty shot. I, too, love jesus. I have a devotional writing blog and a Christian photo blog that's linked to scripture and a snapshot. Please come over and visit.


  7. Beautiful font and verse!!! The lighting on all of your photographs is beautiful :)

  8. Love these captures and the truth behind the first capture.

  9. Hi I am new to your blog. I have been greatly enjoying your pictures and getting great idea for my own. I also love to take pictures and I also have a Nikon D40. But I was wondering what lens you have? I will check back here or you can leave a comment on my blog at
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, it is great to see another Christian showing Gods glory through her camera



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