Monday, April 4, 2011

green and yellow


What colors make you think of spring?

For me, it’s anything bright and cheerful … even though springs in Goldendale usually aren’t all that cheery. With roaring winds and heavy rain, March went out like just as much a lion as it came in. So the bright colors I think of usually correlate more with May (which is practically summer) than with March or April.

Still, there is some emerging evidence that the season is changing. And it’s colored green and yellow.


There aren’t any tulip blooms yet, but the graceful green leaves are crowding in clusters around Mom’s yellow forsythia, which is usually among the first to flower. (Wow, I could write alliterative verse. I didn’t even mean to do that…)


Okay, so sepia and black and white isn’t exactly yellow. But daffodils just automatically induce you to think of yellow, don’t they?


It’s not all plants, either.


So that’s the yellow. Yellow is such a sunshiny color. Still… green is just the best. I love green!


Have a blessed April!


  1. WOW! Beautiful! Those birds are SO cute!
    Well done!

  2. This gets me thinking about what are the signs of people changing. I have been spending time with a couple of people who are showing new growth. I think people have their own greens and yellows.



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