Sunday, October 31, 2010

senior portraits

I. Love. Portraits.

Especially class portraits. Especially senior class portraits. Especially senior class portraits of my best friend Amanda! :)

 So beautiful . . . my beautiful subject among the glorious colors of fall. I love how these photos turned out.

 Which do you prefer . . . grayscale or color? I can't decide. . . .

 I love these! They're some of my favorites--these and the ones with the white roses at the top of this post. Which ones do you like?

 One point on which Amanda and I will never agree: cats vs. dogs. I'm a total cat person. I love cats. Amanda is a definite dog person, so I put up with photographing her and her dog, Mandy, as a labor of love. (Just kidding, it wasn't that painful. I like most dogs . . . it's just that I love cats.)

 And this one. I love this one.

I love them all.

I love senior pictures.


  1. Love these pics! I'd love to have you take my pics sometime, how much do you charge Hallie?

  2. I adored that place with the white roses--and I still want to paint your portrait with them! Amanda's too--



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