Tuesday, November 2, 2010

mi gatitas nuevas

Me gusta los gatitos!

Any readers of Spanish out there? I'm taking a Spanish course at the high school along with a college English class and a required U.S. History class right now, and I'm just beginning to learn how to put sentences together. :) For anyone who wants a translation, I said "I like kittens!" (I wanted to put the upside-down exclamation point on that, but I can't remember how. . . .)

As you may (or may not) notice from the title of this post, my family just got two new kittens! They are both female, one short-haired and one long-haired. We haven't decided on names yet. Suggestions would be welcome--maybe you'll have some ideas once you see the pictures! They are so cute!

They have so much energy!! King Oscar isn't too pleased with them--they distract his faithful subjects from giving him their adoration.

I had so much fun photographing them in the blanket of leaves! When they would hold still for half a second, that is. It's incredibly hard to capture kittens with a 55-200mm lens as they bound toward you.

If curiosity killed the cat, this kitten is going to need all nine lives. Her sister is much more cautious.

 Amy plays with them nonstop!

Gerald the jack-o'-lantern paired with Miss Curiosity . . . that could be a dangerous combination. Fortunately Gerald wasn't lit!

Me gusta mi gatitas nuevas . . . y todo gatitos! y tu?

I love my new kittens . . . and all kittens! How about you?


  1. Si, me gusto tambien. King Oscar will be putting out a contract on them muy pronto =)
    Cute, cute, CUTE!!!


  2. Oh my goodness! So cute! It makes me miss when my two tubby boys were that little! Of course then I remember the havoc they could wreck if left unsupervised for 30 seconds but it was still so fun to go through the kitten phase. Everything they do is hilarious. You did a great job capturing them with your camera. Let me know when you pick names!



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