Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So many photos. . . . Where to begin? We had the opportunity to visit my brother this past weekend, and it was so nice to see him and soak in the rain and mist and late-fall beauty in Oregon. I really, really appreciated the break from schoolwork!!

There are several things about taking pictures on the west side of Oregon that I love.

First of all, the trees. Especially this time of year . . . the trees are so pretty. I don't think I could ever live in a thick forest, but I still love trees.
 In Goldendale, the trees are completely stripped and the leaves are wet, brown, and unsightly. But the leaves in Corvallis are just turning color and falling, fresh and beautiful still. :)

Then there's the wet climate. You all know I love rain, but even better for picture taking is mist! The county courthouse steps looked eerie in the fog. 
 Of course, the trees helped too. :)

Even without the mist, the courthouse was amazing.

The wet also facilitates the growth of the most amazing green mosses! It coats the trees and it looks so cool!
Then, using my macro lenses, I zoomed in to find the details, like this tiny leaf clinging to the back of a huge yellow one: 
And the tiny green cherry tomatoes and late blossoms sprinkled with rain . . .

And then, of course, the coast. I love the beach. The only problem is that I feel so divided between carrying my camera around to take pictures and playing in the waves and the sand!

 The gulls were good and rowdy. On the last day we were there they seemed to feel sorry for themselves because of the rain, so I spoiled them with popcorn and Cheetos. They flocked like vultures!

 It was amazing that we actually had a beautiful sunny afternoon in the middle of November! That's almost unheard of. It rained the following day to make up for it, so I compromised by taking pictures in the glorious weather and playing in the rainy weather. :)

 I think the following picture is so funny--the beach is dotted with white and gray gulls, all standing at the water's very edge in the mist! Isn't it interesting how they do that?

 High tide was not too long after sunset. I couldn't believe how much bigger and scarier the ocean seemed at high tide, especially in Depoe Bay, where the waves crashed up against the cliffs next to the main road. That's where I took the following sunset pictures.

This is one of my favorite gull pictures. I like how his foot is just barely above its reflection in the sand.

This one was another interesting one. I shot toward the sun, which made a really hazy, white picture. Then, to turn it pink, I darkened it a little and boosted the color. It looks like molten lava or something! I like how the silhouettes of the people against the rocks show up.

 Such a powerful body of water. It can be so terrifying, but it's so alluring too, isn't it?

"The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out." ~ Annie Dillard


  1. Wow, you really are an excellent photographer. Keep those pictures coming! I love looking at them. :)
    God Bless,

  2. Hallie what a treat to see SO many pictures! And your blog got a facelift -- it looks great! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos, I loooooooveeeee to see them! :)

  3. Hallie,
    WOW! Those are beautiful photos! Loved the ones of the courthouse. Beautiful, beautiful.

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