Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Not social drama or television drama . . .

Color drama. :)

Everything is tinted with autumn, making the greens a little duskier and the blues a little darker and the light a little golder. I love, love, love this lighting. Especially when I'm photographing horses, who look particularly beautiful when they glow with autumn light.

 Tess (above right) is a new addition to Drem's pasture. She's young, pretty, and energetic to a fault. Drem has reluctantly conceded her position as Queen of Horses to Tess, which has depressed her a little, but she still loves to be around Splash.

 They're inseparable. Not always a good thing. . . .
 I think this horse is so pretty--the coloring is amazing. She lives just across the fence from Drem, Tess, and Splash.
 Here's Tess again. You wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures, but she did not want me to come near her!

And my beautiful Drem . . . as you can see, she could stand to lose some weight. But look at all that grass she has in front of her! Even as hard as I work her she eats too much to lose any weight. Oh well.

What's even better than horses on an autumn day? Cats and horses on an autumn day!!!
These two kittens from the farm next door to Drem's pasture were amazingly sociable, but they weren't too sure about the horses.

I love kitties. :)

Well, things are wrapping up at our place. Dad officially has all his hay baled and stacked. He finished our smallest field of orchardgrass/alfalfa several days ago with the harobed (nicknamed at our house the "horrorbed" because it breaks down or acts up so often). I guess that means summer really is over. We had our first major frost two nights ago, along with our first fire in the woodstove. Here comes winter.

 It's breeding season for the ewes, too--we just put in the ram a couple of days ago. This is Britta, my sister's ewe.

It's a busy, beautiful time of year, isn't it? I hope you're enjoying your fall season too!


  1. I just loved all the photo's! Thank-you so much for posting them and please keep the farmlife-photo's up!! :) The first one was very dramatic; you have a good eye. On your pole on the sidebar, I voted that my family owns one horse. Actually, we used to own a horse, but we now have a mini horse, named Chiquita. She's such a sweetie. :) I'll have to show your photo's to my 11 year old sister, since she loves horses so much. :-)
    God Bless, Hallie Jo!

  2. By-the-way Hallie Jo, I apologize if I've asked before, but what kind of camera do you use?
    Thanks so much!

  3. "Horrorbed"--that got me laughing!!
    Beautiful pictures, as usual, Hallie. Yes, fall is shaping up nicely in the neighborhood....



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