Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Boy, does that word ever describe my life right now! A belated welcome to the seventh month of the year; a belated "happy 234th birthday" to the United States of America; and a very belated blog post! Welcome to July, everyone!

Our fields have all been swathed and baled--

The bales have been collected in the harobed, stacked, and tarped--

And the irrigation is up and running once more!--

We had a beautiful, cold, and very windy Independence Day, typical of Goldendale. :) We gathered with our neighbors for our annual barbecue and fireworks. I spent a lot of the time taking pictures in Sue's beautiful garden, which was paradisaical as always!

My pyromaniac brothers and father manned an excellent firework performance (except for the "strobe lights," which were a minor irritation). I played with settings on my camera until I found the best one for firework photography. I tried to capture "sparkler artwork" using a long shutter, but it didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped. . . .

Finally, a few photos of the gorge on a gusty afternoon. The wind was so strong that I was almost afraid of standing near the edge of the ridge to take the pictures!

Distant wind turbines overlooking the bridge--

Vineyards stretching down to meet the riverbank--

And an experimental picture of a historical museum overlooking the river--

Happy belated Independence Day, everyone! I hope you enjoyed my belated blog post too. :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the perspective of the last one!


  2. Gorgeous photos! Those flowers are lovely!

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