Friday, July 23, 2010

summertime chaos :)

I'm not exactly sure what happened to the last 23 days. Sometimes I'm sure God trimmed a few hours out here and there when I was asleep. I've finally finished a few of my summer projects--but even more are looming up on me!

The fair is less than a month away . . . talk about a scary thought! But I got my photo entries ordered yesterday. Thank you to everyone who helped me pick out my flower photos!

The lambs, my other major 4-H project, still need a lot of work. Like a lot of work. In fact, I would rather not talk about how behind they are. . . .

I took Drem to our local Rodeo Bible Camp this past week. Riding in western games and that sort of thing has been something I have always been dying to do, so the last two years I've learned the basics at this camp, sponsored by our chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys. Drem and I always learn so much! Besides teaching barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, tie-down roping, team roping, breakaway roping, bull riding, chute dogging, and bronc riding, the camp is an amazing place to learn about Jesus and strengthen your walk with Him. I think that's my favorite part.

Drem and I competed in barrel racing and pole bending. Pole bending is harder, but we always do better in it because it's always our first event, so Drem is fresh . . . and not as crabby. :)

A few pictures I took when I wasn't on my horse at the rodeo. . . .
That's gotta hurt.
Hannah took Splash to camp, too, and they both did fantastic. :) And there's another picture of Drem, all trimmed and cleaned up.

Dad's just finishing up a field of barley, and has one more to do after that before second cutting starts. . . .
I hope you're all having a somewhat relaxed summer!!!


  1. Great pictures! Good luck at the fair! I hope you'll check out my website and become a subscriber and possibly apply for the staff if you're interested!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the shot with the girl sitting on the hay with the mountain in the background. Gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE picture of Amy on the hay bale. Super cute picture. You have so many opportunities for great mountain pictures at your house!

  4. Those bucking horse pictures are great! I absolutely loved them.

    Awesome gallery you have. I love the wholesome, clean feel of it.



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