Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm full of aspirations. I often think, "Wouldn't it be neat to do this?" or "If only I could do something like that." I love opportunities and adventures, but sometimes I hear myself saying, "Hallie, there's no way you could do that" or "You're not good enough for this to succeed." Ideas like that can really curb productivity.

That's why it's so encouraging to me to know people who willingly step out in faith and do things for Jesus. That's what KyAnn at Bloom! Magazine is doing--launching an online magazine by tween/teen girls for tween/teen girls.

You can subscribe to have the magazine emailed to you (it's free) right here. And if you're 11-18 years old and interested, KyAnn is accepting applications for staff positions in photography, writing, and graphic design until August 9th. What an amazing ministry to be involved in!



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