Thursday, March 19, 2015

happy birthday


Yesterday was a very important day.

Yesterday, in one of western Pennsylvania’s very small towns, a beautiful young woman named Hannahstasia (well actually named Hannah, but Hannahstasia is more fun to say) turned twenty-one. This Hannahstasia is my best friend and I’d like to take a moment to tell you why…


1. Because she survived ten whole months of sharing a room with me.

And she did it without complaining. Well, most of the time.


2. Because she believed me (and believed IN me) when pretty much no one else did.

Cliche, perhaps, but the honest-to-goodness truth.

olympia-photographers (13)

3. Because she has cheerfully endured not one, not two, but THREE photo shoots as a model for me.

And she’s a darn good one!


4. Because she was the one and only person who faithfully spent hours of every day picking nits out of my hair when I had head lice.

And endured all the sleepless nights and meltdowns we both had as a result.

olympia-photographers (17)

5. Because she put up with me sleeping on the floor in our room and being a complete cripple for six weeks with a sprained ankle.

Maybe not always cheerfully, but God bless her for trying.


6. Because she knows what it means to live life in the wake of GCBI.

It’s something that not a lot of people in this world can relate to.

Israel Day One--Tel Aviv 118

7. Because she can be so completely, hilariously, and obnoxiously silly.

And that’s just refreshing sometimes.


8. Because somehow, even after living with me for a year, she still invited me to spend the summer with her in PA.

Ritchey’s Dairy, Fox’s Pizza, mountain pies, and lightning bugs… all of these I owe to Hannahstasia.


9. Because she makes a great partner in solving the world’s problems.

Ideal time to do it: on 20+ hour roadtrips north from Florida.


10. Because she was one of a very few friends from the other coast who flew all the way to Washington for my wedding.

Having made the trek myself seven different times, I totally understand why there were few takers. But I’m glad she was one of them.


11. Because, well, she’s Hannah, and she’s my BFF!

And I don’t know how else to put that into words.


Happy birthday dear!

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  1. I almost didn't see this! Thank you :) 5 is pretty much a lie though.... oh dear. Love you mucho!



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