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a study on vision, part four


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So I’ve covered a lot in this series and I’m really really excited for the summary post, where I’m hoping to make some discoveries about what really speaks to me in photographic art. But first, one more thing to look into: the professional photos I’ve taken for others thus far that impact me most.

I think this is the hardest category so far. I get really excited about the pictures I take for people, and there are so many that I love—for totally different reasons. Some I love because I feel that I nailed the technical aspects, like lighting and depth of field; others I love because of how they make me feel connected to the story. I’m going to try to narrow it down to some I love for both reasons. :)

Note that not all of these were from “paid” shoots. I’ve spent a huge amount of time building my portfolio with non-paid pictures, but I go into every organized (or semi-organized) photo shoot with the mentality that I am a paid professional and give it my all!

favorite professional images (mine)

1. “Snow White”

olympia-photographers (32)

This picture was surrounded by a ton of laughing and protests of “This pose feels so awkward!” but the way it turned out is just so breathtaking. Maybe part of the reason I love it so much is because this is my sister and I think she’s just stunning, but I also love it because it was one of the few pictures I’ve taken of her where she actually said, “That picture makes me feel pretty.” (Or something along those lines.) I call it Snow White because of the bright blue and dark red with her black hair. :)

2. In love


You KNEW one of these had to be in here, right? The moment I clicked the shutter to take this picture, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites in the whole world. There is nothing sweeter than catching those little excerpts of a love story. It doesn’t even matter that this started out “posed.” The connection is genuine.

3. In love (again)


This one. It stays nestled back in my April 2014 folder with the rest of Larissa and Aaron’s wedding… but every time I see it I’m like, “Wow, I took that?!” I love the softness, the colors, the detail in the bouquet. And this one was barely posed at all—I basically said, “Go stand over there and face each other.” The excitement and passion and romance of a wedding day usually takes care of the rest. ;)

4. Amy and Drem


I took this picture the first time I rented a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, in September 2013. I think it might be the best portrayal I have of my little sister’s bond with my horse, Drem—and I love the backlight and the delicious golden fields of home.

5. Hannahstasia


I think I love this picture because (besides the fact that this is my very best friend) it is literally my vision come to life. I saw this photo in my head well before I even stepped out into the snowy Pennsylvania backdrop, and it thrills me to death that I made it happen!

6. Hannah and Splash


Just one more horse one… this is my sister and her horse, Splash. I love the connection here and the fact that my sister is laughing her head off so the whole thing feels completely joyful and genuine. This is another example of my vision coming to life… I saw this field, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I love the “wild prairie” feeling, the robust Goldendale wind, and the bold September sky.


I’m sure I could have picked more, but I’m overwhelmed just going through my portfolio… the reason every image is even in my portfolio is because I love it and am proud to have taken it, so narrowing it down to these few was hard. Also, I apologize for the weird grayish color cast on a few of these images—sometimes Blogger really messes with my files and I still haven’t figured out how to fix that. You can find higher-quality versions on my website.

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. You included two pictures of me :) That was nice of you. The Snow White one is really cool -- your editing skills are amazing.

    Also, I LOVE the one of Laura and Sam, and the one of Amy and Drem, and the one of Hannahstasia, and Aaron and Larissa's wedding pictures . . . and I also love the ones you took of Carisa and Donny, even though they're not on here and that was a slightly random statement :)

    Have you turned off auto-enhancement in Google+ yet?

    dance a real



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