Monday, March 30, 2015

dear artist



Dear Artist,

You are not crazy. You aren't a drama queen. You aren't an attention whore. You are intuitive, you feel things other people don't, and more deeply than other people can. You worry while other people are blissfully unaware. You judge yourself so harshly that you can't possibly measure up, and you punish yourself for disappointing others, even when they don't seem to notice. You second guess every damn thing you do and you make yourself miserable. But all of those qualities give you insight into people, insight that you use to communicate and to make other people feel important. You probably give away too much of yourself while you worry that you are perceived as self-absorbed and high maintenance. You are neither of those things. You are simply different, and thank God for those of us who are different. We reveal the beauty of the moments in between. If we don't, nobody will.


Something I really needed to hear this morning, shared from CJ Nicolai’s Photography.

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