Sunday, February 15, 2015

happy things


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  • The first crocuses of spring are up and reaching toward this stranger, the sun. They are tantalizing purple droplets of the coming spring and I love them.
  • I did an engagement shoot on Friday for my sister-in-law which I’ll be posting soon… and oh my, they are beautiful people with a beautiful love story that shines out of every image. :)
  • I have found that food is my friend. You might remember that I used to have a really hard time eating enough every day, and while it still sometimes slips my mind to eat lunch just because I get really busy, I am learning not only to eat but what to eat. I’ve been replacing as many of the white sugars and flours in my food with whole or raw varieties as I can and have already noticed that I feel healthier and happier and more energetic. Along with the increase of sunshine I’ve been getting and a couple new supplements I’m taking, I’m excited to keep fueling my body well!
  • Another new friend I’ve made is weight lifting. For about a year and a half I’ve been a dedicated HIIT/Jillian trainee, but now that my muscular and cardiovascular endurance are good I think it’s high time I built my strength. And oddly, where Jillian would wear me out for the rest of the day, weight lifting seems to energize me (or maybe the combination of lifting and eating better!).
  • This afternoon I was feeling a little dull so I stepped out into the yard to breathe in the fresh air and sunshine. I practiced my cartwheels in the yard and then mastered some real, actual handstands! Yes! Moral of the story: when you feel achy or dull or groggy or grouchy, go outside and move around. Way more effective than emotional eating!
  • Every time I open my Bible, fellowship with other Christians, or go to church, I find new truths to weave into the outline of the book I’m writing. This can be frustrating when I’m trying to weave them into material I’ve already written—but my outline is already 6 pages long and I haven’t even finished it yet. Praise God for making Truth so relevant at all times, and so accessible to us as Americans… may it never be that it is we who appreciate it least.
  • February 22 will be my first wedding anniversary (what?! Time flies!). March 1 will be the fifth anniversary of this blog, and on March 11, I will have been journaling daily for exactly ten years. Ten years. That’s like 3,650 days of my life recorded in ink… almost 50% of my existence… yikes.

Anyway, enough about me. What are you excited about in life?? And here’s a quick sneak peek of that beautiful engagement session to hold you over…


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  1. Those engagement pictures were AMAZING. I can't believe you were even worried about the contrasts because they all turned out gowg-oss, as Rachel and Rebekah would say :)

    dance a real



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