Sunday, September 16, 2012

things i miss


It’s halfway through September already… I’ve been living in central Florida for a full month. I feel pretty well settled into my new home, climate, church, and routine—six a.m. runs; hours on end of homework and study; 99% humidity; a calendar completely inked up by social, church, and ministry events… it’s hectic and crazy and exhausting and exciting and new and different.

Even with all this going on, the differentness makes me think a lot about home… about everything familiar I’m missing there. September in Goldendale is just about the best thing I’ve gotten to experience… and the cool part is that I’ve gotten to experience it eighteen times. This is the first one in my life that I’ve ever missed. :(

So I torture myself with pictures. Pictures that I can experience more than just visually because I was there. I remember the smells and the sounds and the textures and the tastes and the voices…




Morning Mist 128Morning Mist 005

Adams2deer and horses 0015deer and horses 0126 - CopySummer's End 158 for laurz

Home is the best place on earth.


  1. You have the awesomest photography and editing skills. I can't believe that I would ever miss your camera and your constant clicking, but I so need you to take pictures of little things......

  2. We missed you today. (Went to the tea house for a going away party for Melissa S.) It feels weird to be doing this in a group without you!! :)

  3. If you never get paid for nature photography I am going to shoot myself. These-are-beautiful.



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