Saturday, July 7, 2012

the war between the states

My man is a historical reenactor. When his schedule allows, he travels to various reenactments of the Civil War era, complete with battles, soldier and civilian camps, and wool uniforms. Armed with camera (still not fully recovered from the Florida incident, but functional enough) and peanut butter cookies, I spent my weekend at one such event—enjoying all the odd looks I received as a 2012 girl latched onto the arm of a dashing 1863 Confederate soldier.
Photographing the battles was so much fun. I loved playing with the smoke from the artillery, the overcast light, and various editing techniques on these!
I remember when Dad would watch Gettysburg when I was five or six years old, and I would be so miserably bored by the battles—except when the cavalry came into the picture. I’m much more appreciative of the battles now, but I still have a very special affection for the cavalry. (It did not surprise me at all to notice that many of the cavalry riders were girls disguised as men!)
Have I mentioned that I loved it?! I love history, old-fashionedness, horses, battle scenes, photo opportunities, cool editing… not to mention getting to see Sam. ;) It was a pretty awesome weekend.


  1. These are great images, Hallie! Love them all. :)

  2. I love the sepia edits...they look just like really old photographs!

  3. What reenactment/place/state were these taken at? If I might ask. :) My family does Civil War reenacting - I loved your pictures! Fantastic job!




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