Wednesday, July 18, 2012

exploring || part one

Summertime is perfect for exploring. Seeing new places, doing new things, trying new food… mhmm, I love it all. Which could be why I am a pretty big fan of summer.

I spent a week in Olympia doing exactly that. With (the incredible) Sam as my (very very handsome) tour guide/camera assistant and his sister Emily as my wonderful hostess, I got drenched in the frigid Pacific Ocean, ate pineapple on my teriyaki chicken burger, had my own room for a whole week!!, stuck gum on the gum wall at Pike Place Market… and so much more. I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest.

Day 1—Ocean Shores
It was cool and gray, but between strolling down the shore in search of sand dollars, coercing Sam to join me in the (very very cold) waist-deep waves, and feeding the sea gulls pieces of my sandwich, it was perfect.

Day 2—Port Gamble and Poulsbo

A quaint waterfront town with lots of historic buildings and a tea house that serves the best curry chicken croissants ever? I think yes!!

Single ladies, keep in mind that a guy who enjoys (I did not say endures) taking you a tea parlor (and even volunteers to pose the sugar cube for a photo… and waits to touch his food till you’ve documented it with the camera….) is a very good guy indeed.

More to come!


  1. I'll keep that in mind when shopping for a future possible boyfriend. ;P
    -Fellow Female PhotograpHER

  2. I LOVE Ocean Shores! Sooo Beautiful! We used to live around Pikes Place. I love that area! Lol! I will watch out for a guy like that! :)

    -Anna Rose

  3. The food there looks amazing! :9 Great shots of your adventures in Olympia, btw! ;)



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