Monday, February 20, 2012

hints of spring (in other places)


NOTE: I apologize for the inconsistencies in the blog design… I’m experimenting with new ideas and things might not be completely organized for awhile. Thanks!

Anyway, I am utterly and completely ready for spring. I did a little bit of traveling down to western Oregon in the last couple weeks, and I’m so jealous that they have green grass and flowers peeking out of the soil!


It’s criminal that anyone should have blooming pink bushes in February! Meanwhile, in Goldendale, the only bits of floral color are the potted ones from the grocery store…


Dear Spring,

I have a suggestion to make. Maybe you should try setting out for Goldendale a little bit early this year so you don’t have to come in a huffing and puffing hurry on raging west winds? Just a thought.



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