Wednesday, February 1, 2012

end-of-month miscellany



I’ve been cooking and baking like crazy in the past few weeks. Not exactly sure why… I’ve just been trying new recipes left and right, as well as perfecting old ones. I’ve made two huge batches of blondies (blond brownies packed with chocolate chips—a food of the gods), two apple pies (even attempted a lattice crust!), garlic cheese swirl rolls, sweet-and-sour meatballs, and chicken potpie. The latter three recipes were new to me, but they turned out pretty delicious if I do say so myself. :)



I’ve been shopping lately. I wouldn’t call myself fanatical about clothes normally, but when I have a gift card and there are some serious clearance sales happening, that can change! No self-fashion-portraits today, though.

I’m also taking a major leap of faith tomorrow… by getting my hair cut… at a salon. I know, it doesn’t sound that scary to normal people. But my hair is waist-long, and though I trim it every year or so, I haven’t had it trimmed or cut or styled at a salon since I was five! Maybe I’ll give you some self portraits after that, if I don’t hate it too badly. ;)


My new lens and I are still having a blast together. He never lets me down! I’ve only taken him off f/1.8 once since I met him…


January was a good one, and February is going to be even better. :)


  1. Beautiful pics, Hallie! The apple pies look very yummy. Hope everything goes well for your hair-cut appointment tomorrow! :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Love all of them. :)
    Oh! Getting a hair-cut at a salon is so fun! I hardly have mine cut at a hair salon, but I did recently. Are you getting your hair trimmed or are you going to style it? Either way, have fun! It's nice getting pampered.


  3. i absolutely can't wait to see your hair! i hope you'll post pics! All your recipes sound delish. I've never cared too much about blonde brownies but your high recommendation might have to make me reconsider? maybe i just need to try yours! :)

  4. I kinda know what you mean about getting your hair cut. Mine's about down to my waist and next time it get it cut will be at a Salon. I've NEVER had my hair cut at a salon! I'm really lookin gforward to seeing your new doo though! :D

    Anna Rose

    P.S. You should share your recipe of Blondies. :D



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