Monday, October 3, 2011

scavenger hunt viii


Wow, my camera has about an inch of dust on it right now. Amazing what a few college courses can do to my creativity and free time! I did manage to get a few together for this week’s scavenger hunt, though. :)

inspired by a book or movie

Yes, this is an archives photo. Darn, I was really hoping to think of something awesome—especially since I constantly have movie quotes floating through my brain. Oh well. You have to live with the Narnia-scape.
Fantasyland-SBW-M copy


This photo is a couple weeks old, but I figured that would be okay since you haven’t seen it yet. The cows themselves were only brown because they had so much dirt on them (I think they were supposed to be gray).



I took this at sunrise after my morning run on Monday. In the opposite direction was a huge double rainbow. :)

coffee or tea

This photo of our teakettle was a completely random attempt at bokeh. I had no idea there would be any “coffee or tea” prompt to use it for!
junk 061


Ironically, “linger” is exactly what Ana did not want to do while I was taking these pictures. I loved the spot so much that I kept her posing there for a little longer than she wanted to… But they turned out fantastic, so I’m forgiven.



  1. These are so perfect - I am in love with the first shot!

  2. I am not usually a fan of selective color, but your Narnia photo is just breathtaking. So whimsical! LOVE it.



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