Monday, October 31, 2011

the pheasant


It’s pheasant hunting time of year, which means that gobs of pheasant cocks have been released onto state property and the survivors are now wandering all over the countryside. They’re not very smart, so it’s not uncommon to get stuck behind one on the drive to town, watching it sprint to keep ahead of the car and wondering why on earth it doesn’t either veer off to the side or fly up.

Only the pheasants (if even them) know the answer to that question, I guess.

In spite of their mental deficiencies, however, pheasants are incredibly beautiful.

As with most birds, the males are the only ones who get this glamorous plumage. I guess they have to attract the girls somehow, since it’s definitely not going to be by their IQ!


This pheasant really wasn’t all that afraid of me, even though I towered five feet over him. He was, however, completely disconcerted by the little savage I brought with me.


See her?


How bout now?


Ewok did eventually pounce, but the pheasant was too quick and flushed. Of course, since the prey was quite a bit larger than the predator, I think that was probably a good thing!

A few more pictures from my weekend:


  1. Wow, those are beautiful birds! Great job capturing them!

  2. Phesants are so stupid aren't they?! The ones we have in the UK don't have such a white head...I wonder if they're a different species?

    Love the photos. Especially the one of the leaf in the water. Beautiful colours!

  3. Stunning captures - I don't know that I've ever seen a pheasant.

  4. Oh! Wow! Where were the crik pictures taken?
    By the way! I like your photography!

  5. Okay, that second to last picture is unreal. Love it!



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